Helping families eat healthier for less

Helping families eat healthier for less

Friday, May 6, 2011

Farmer’s Markets A Great Place to Shop

I went food shopping yesterday at a farmer’s market that is unusual in that it is open year round and has an actual permanent storefront location. It features regional produce, but also displays many non-perishable foods, especially ethnic foods from many regions of the world.
I spent $11.30 and got the following fresh produce items:

8 oz. baby portabella mushrooms
3 bunches of scallions
2 large heads of broccoli crowns
4 plum tomatoes
2 bell peppers, one green and one yellow
4 avocados
2 bunches of cilantro
4 lbs of bananas

Right now I have garden fresh lettuces (romaine, red leaf, and others) growing in my backyard. So I can make a hearty vegetable salad every day for a week with the items I purchased at the farmer’s market combined with my homegrown lettuces.
I can enjoy bananas as a snack or in cereal or on whole grain toast. Of course, you could also make some guacamole with the avocados, green onions, plum tomatoes. I would just add a fresh chopped jalapeno pepper, some lime or lemon juice and seasonings. One of my favorite seasonings currently is ground chipotle pepper. It adds pizzazz to many dishes.

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